Luxus for a reasonable price
Apartments in the heart of Gdansk and Sopot

Why is it worth to rent
an apartment in Gdańsk and Sopot?

To start a vacation or a short trip to the Tri-City one should find accommodation, the ApartamentyGdań company has in its offer over 30 apartments in the best locations of Gdansk and Sopot.
All premises are decorated in accordance with the latest trends and have many amenities. Our prices are very reasonable, and the quality you get in return is really high. In our apartments, guests feel better than at home.

Hotel vs apartment

The difference between the apartment and the hotel is that in the apartment we are not forced to comply with all the rules as well as the breakfast hours. Here, we can feel at home, sleep long and cost everything when we feel like it.

Is renting an apartment

Large supply and competition leads to lower prices for luxury apartments. With large groups or families, prices are much lower than in hotels, often at a much lower standard.
Often the basket per person is comparable to the hostel service. The kitchen in the apartment is not only a chance to save in relation to expensive restaurants, but also the luxury of making small snacks in the evening.

Luxury at a great price.

The comfort and satisfaction of our customers is the basis, which is why we offer a number of additional services for our clients: breakfast, theater tickets, VIP box for the hall or stadium, the guide to its own disposal is just the beginning. There is no service that we can not provide for our guests.

The choice of the apartment?

First, location and preferences, secondly the size of the apartment. We have apartments in Spota and Gdansk, the Old Town and the seaside. The size of apartments from 25 m2 to 110 m2, from studio to apartments for 10 people.
Introduce us your journey and the number of people you travel with, and we will certainly find the right accommodation for you.

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